Vutter: video review for better product, a unique consumer research solution for product localization

In-context product review by local influencers, consumers, and retailers in Korea

Is your product ready for the Korean market?
What is your localization strategy to appeal to Korean consumers?

Vutter Consumer Review is a video-recorded, contextual research solution designed to collect actionable insights for product localization. You will hear real opinions of local influencers, retailers and consumers as they experience your product in context. The entire review process is recorded and provided in video format capturing both verbal and nonverbal cues.

See the reviews full of smiles, notice their frustrations and mark surprises to make the most of consumer insights. Let people around the world experience your product and collect opinions on what they love, what falls short and what to be changed for Korean market.

How Vutter Consumer Review  works

Service Design

Service Design

How should we adapt our product to meet the taste of Korean consumers? Vutter Consumer Review is designed to provide answers to your question.

It is a practical solution to collect critical insights into the product localization by listening to the opinions of social media influencers, consumers and retailers in the Korean market.

  • According to your industry, export market and target consumers, select social media influencers in our partner list. They provide powerful market insights based on deep understanding of current trends – probably better than anyone else.
  • Consumer reviews can be designed in different settings, individually or in pairs. When paired, you will hear surprisingly honest opinions as they find the environment more natural.

What Vutter Consumer Review delivers:

  • Executive summary
  • Full Set of Video Reviews with Subtitles
  • Competitor Analysis