Evermint Partners provides strategic research and consulting services for organizations in consumer goods and tourism industry.

Supporting clients from startups to large corporations and evaluating opportunities in 22 countries, we propose fundamental changes to see the market.

It all starts from ‘fact-finding’ to answer questions on customers and markets…

Marketers actively look for answers to the following questions through consumer research, internally or teamed with external agencies:
  • ∙Who represents our customer persona? What motivates him/her to choose our product?
  • ∙ What encourages (or discourages) repeat purchase?
  • ∙ How should we localize our product in global markets? Which part should be given the highest priority?

With data collected through conventional approach – surveys, focus groups, and product testing, were you happy with the results?

Likewise, your recent use of big data analytics might fell short of understanding the customer journey. Not every local store shares

transaction data while shop managers are not entirely transparent.

How well the “facts” answer to your questions?

Does the final report provide critical insights to answer your questions? Or are they merely confirming what is already known to you? A marketing plan without a clear understanding of customers will not be able to deliver the intended outcomes.

Offering the effective and intuitive way to capture real customer insights

We know that not all consumers share their honest opinions as research participants, yet it is not always possible to rule out situational factors. On top, collecting and analyzing every single data in the world is simply not feasible. This research problem is what we aim to solve. We design a solution for finding critical insights while minimizing external factors. Starting from a deep understanding of your company, we construct strong hypotheses for problem-solving. They are translated into research scheme, specifically designed to capture real opinions in context.

The solution for post-research: “So, what now?”

After going through all the numbers and charts in the market report, you might wonder: “So, what now?” Too often, marketers have to put extra efforts to reprocess the final reports because it is delivered without insights. At Evermint Partners, we keep ourselves away from delivering data without actionable plans. We offer customer insights designed to support your strategies and decide your next moves in the market.

Latest News

25 countries showcasing their seafood products at the 2018 BISFE, Korea

25 countries showcasing their seafood products at the 2018 BISFE, Korea

During the 3-day fair in Busan International Seafood & Fisheries Expo, 87 exhibitors from more than 25 countries showcased their product from Oct 31 to Nov 2. Evermint Partners visited the expo to discover the latest trends and to interview industry professionals. Big exporters including Norway, Senegal, and the United States, participated in the fair to find new partners in Korea, a fast-growing market with its seafood imports totaled at $5.14 billion in 2017.

“Norway has a lot more to offer. After a huge success of mackerel and salmon, we are now ready to show our king crab, Pollack and shrimp to Korean market,” said Norway Seafood Council, the trade council promoting Norwegian seafood exports worldwide.
*Source: Evermint Partners field research and interviews (2018)

UAE and Saudi millennials into cherry blossoms and fish market in Korea

UAE and Saudi millennials into cherry blossoms and fish market in Korea

Evermint Partners’ "Destination Marketing Strategies for Middle East Travelers" study, prepared for the Korea Tourism Organization, was presented by the Korea-Arab Society under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A survey of 464 people aged 20-34 in the UAE and Saudi Arabia found that millennial Muslims are into new cultural experiences and local foods (halal certified). Among tours and activities in Korea, they found cherry blossoms, skiing, fish market, and K-POP tour the most attractive.

* Source: Evermint Partners (2018) Destination Marketing Strategies for Middle East Travelers', Korea-Arab Societies (2018)