Strategic Research & Consulting

Located in Seoul, Korea, we provide strategic research and consultancy services to address challenges in food, cosmetics, retail, and tourism industry.

Our team works with the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for research projects in food, tourism and export assistance. We also offer consultancy services to companies in the consumer goods sector to solve tough business problems, develop winning business models and build successful market entry strategies.

Carrying out projects in 22 countries, we have developed a set of powerful skills to gain critical insights into market and consumer research. We are committed to delivering insights with actionable plans, designed to support your next moves in the Korean market.

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사업영역 소개 아이콘

Vutter Consumer Review helps you to find the right participants in Korea - including seniors, grocery shoppers, family & kids and soon-to-be brides.

Vutter Consumer Review: Video review for better product

Vutter Consumer Review is a truly engaging research solution, video-capturing the opinions of influencers and potential consumers in a real context. See how Korean consumers experience your product - in the moments that matter to them.

Minimizing the situational factors affecting consumer research, known to be the biggest concern of marketers, we provide actionable findings for product localization including market positioning, packaging, and features to highlight for the Korean market.
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Evermint Partners provides Live ON AIR Expert Interview service, enabling direct communication with experts in Korea. The service lets you find out the latest product development trends, consumer trends and purchasing patterns explained by relevant industry professionals.

Based on recruiting and interviewing industry experts in over 20 countries, we help you to find the right interviewees with impactful insights.
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